Thanks for enquiring about the products and order fulfillment. We hope these FAQ answers help you.

Q 1. How long does it take to receive my order?

A 1a. In order to maximize fundraising, blank apparel is ordered every Monday for print the same week. This eliminates carrying large amounts of inventory and being overstocked. Please expect 3-9 days for delivery of your order. We anticipate we will speed up the process closer to the season opening weekend.

A 1b. New Era hats are logo'd at the NE factory, therefore we are required to order in batches at first. Our first pre-buy opportunity closes on Feb 3rd 2023 for a March 20th delivery date. Extra sizes will be ordered and can become available at first come first serve at an announced date.

Q 2. How much will shipping cost us? 

A 1. Shipping within Vancouver is $5 flat fee per order. Outside of Vancouver city limits shipping will be calculated based on Postal Code.

Q 3. Can I pick up my order?

A 3. You can pick up your order with proof of purchase (order number) Our hours of operation may vary but usually are Mon-Fri 9:30-5PM . The pick up address can be found on your receipt. For any other visits to our showroom please book ahead by connecting with us here

Q 4. What method of payments are accepted?

A 5. We accept all major credit cards and the other forms of payment found at the bottom of each page.

If you have any other JB apparel questions or ideas please visit our Contact Us page by clicking here.